Holiday Please Come Faster

Hey june, oops middle of june I mean. Month where all students enjoy their holiday. Month of happiness for them. Not for me. Ahaha. It's still far from my holiday.

But, I had a day escape yesterday. Strolling arround Seminyak, enjoyed a glass of Mummy's  mojito and a scoop of caramel ice cream. It's enough to charge my mood. And yes I'm ready to back for work again. Playing with thread, needle, and my sewing machine.

At Kim Soo Home Seminyak
A beautiful interior boutique and a small cafe. But we're late because the cafe only open till 6 p.m. Boutique open till 10 p.m.

Well, couldn't control my long hair, always looks messy in every photos I have. Hahaha..

Sea Circus Cafe, next to Kim Soo Home.

Brought Pucca and friends to enjoyed a glass of Mummy's mojito

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